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    Each generation sees itself as completely different from the previous one, but in the end is about the same.
    If I look at my life, I see that I have been wrong many times.
    It will be the same with you at my age. Enjoy life and make mistakes. This is the meaning of existence.
    Don’t think you can be perfect – it’s impossible.
    Temper yourself, your will, so that when the test comes, you will find the strength in yourself to meet him as a true man.
    Do not let yourself be deceived by pathos truths and noisy phrases.
    Travel countries, explore the world, meet people, do something that fascinates you, give a heart, be bold, but do it with enthusiasm.
    The most important thing is to live life with taste.
    There is probably more than one life waiting for us. But in order to deserve them, it is required to exhaust this life entirely. Get the most out of life that you can.
    Beware of boring fate.

  44. Ugotargo